Our Vision


A community where nobody falls through the cracks.

Our Mission


Creating a supportive environment where neurodiversity and special abilities are celebrated and unique guidance is provided.

What is Mockingbird?


We are a non-profit organisation providing a safe and supportive social environment for neuro diverse children, youth and their families.  

We offer a day program three days a week supporting children aged from 5 - 18 yrs.

What is Neurodiversity?


Neurodiversity is both a natural and valuable form of human diversity.  It is a term used to describe people who are wired differently, the 5% not the 95%.

Encompassing children with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, SPD, Anxiety, Learning difficulties, Gifted and the like (or no formal diagnosis at all).

A diverse and self-determining bunch who need special understanding and support to achieve wellbeing and success in life.

Why Is Mockingbird Unique?


We are a group of families supporting one another on our similar journeys.  The children are encouraged to support each other through relative experience.  Our children are high functioning and are the children for whom support is generally unavailable.


Mockingbird Charitable Trust is a registered charity supporting neuro-diverse young people and their families. We rely on the generosity of funders and donations to continue to support and help our members, their caregivers and family/whanau.

We are approved by Inland Revenue as being for charitable purposes, so any donation of $5.00 or greater qualifies to be included in your annual tax return as a rebate.

To make a donation via internet banking, our details are:

Bank:       Westpac
                  Account Name:       Mockingbird Charitable Trust
         Account Number:       03-1330-0043016-000

Our Partners