Mockingbird Workshops

Mockingbird Proudly Presents ROSS BARKER

    SATURDAY 27th APRIL 2019 

We have had interest and requests from people new to this way of working for this work shop to be repeated. Ross never does the same workshop twice but this covers the basic understanding of the organics of neuro-diversity. 

A workshop for parents, extended family, caregivers and professionals providing strategies on how to support A-typical children in a Neuro-typical world. Ross works with the nature of the child, not just the diagnosis. 

Does your child seem emotionally distressed facing their day?
Are the usual encouragement and correction strategies ineffective?
Have you wondered about conditions such as - Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Social Phobia, Sensory Processing/Integration Difficulties, Giftedness, Anxiety Disorders? 

This workshop covers: 

✓ A-typical emotional and behavioural characteristics
✓ Biosocial physiology of hyperarousal in A-typical children
✓ Impact of chronic and acute hyperarousal on development
✓ How to work with the child’s nature and not against it
✓ Interrupting problem patterns and habituated dysfunctional ego defenses ✓ Emotional and behavioural forecasting
✓ Overarching strategies, strategic positioning and situational strategies 

About Ross Barker 

Ross has the experience of over 25 years working with families of A-typical children in a range of mainstream mental health, community and private practice settings. Over the last 15 years he has moved away from the mainstream service system and has provided consultation services to the education and community sectors regarding neuro-diversity. He also has a private practice working directly with Tauranga families. He has a proven record with families and brings a unique blend of clinical knowledge and a deep human understanding to his work. 

Where: Lighthouse Church, 260 Welcome Bay Rd, Tauranga

When: 9-30am – 4pm, Saturday 27th April 2019 

Registrations: Spaces are limited and registration is essential

To register please contact Tash Biddle at: or 021 2264018

Cost: $70 each or $120 per couple

Includes morning tea, lunch and notes