Mockingbird Workshops

Mockingbird Proudly Presents

Ross Barker

Workshop 3 - The Encore Workshop

Saturday 12thOctober 2019, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Following the success of Ross Barkers Workshop 2 this year, Mockingbird now presents, in conjunction with Ross Barker, Workshop 3.

This workshop responds to the questions and issues as requested by previous workshop participants.  

This workshop covers:

ü Working with the child’s nature – more about emotional compassing

ü Managing sibling rivalry

ü Emotional currency – how your child operates

ü When and how to use authority or relationship

ü Emotional forecasting – being prepared

ü How to have those difficult conversations with your child

ü Working with the wider systems such as Education and Health

ü Successfully managing medication trials – working with the prescriber

ü Incident post-mortems - learning from meltdowns

ü How to work with magicians and dreamers in the classroom

ü Managing rejection sensitivity

Mini case consultations will be held throughout the day

About Ross Barker

Ross has the experience of over 25 years working with families of A-typical children in a range of mainstream mental health, community and private practice settings.  Over the last 15 years he has moved away from the mainstream service system and has provided consultation services to the education and community sectors regarding neuro-diversity. He also has a private practice working directly with Tauranga families.  He has a proven record with families and brings a unique blend of clinical knowledge and a deep human understanding to his work.

Where:Lighthouse Church, 260 Welcome Bay Rd, Tauranga

When:9-30am – 4pm, Saturday 12thOctober 2019

Registrations:Spaces are limited and registration is essential 

To register please contact Natasha Biddle at: 0212264018

Cost:$70 each or $120 per couple, 

includes morning tea, lunch and notes